1,2,3,4,5 – IN OR OUT.

First impressions count.

In many cases the first 5 seconds determine your sales success or failure. But then, why is it that when we analyse first engagements and even observe them when they happen to ourselves, do we feel they distinctly fail to impress?

The reason is that we put our sales mantle on and start to forget how we, ourselves as customers, would engage. The key to more successful sales approaches, especially in prospecting, cold and warm calling is to know ‘what is it that would make this customer trust me enough in 5 seconds to want to listen to me further?’. Once you really review what you do you will likely find that little of what you do would make you trust yourself either.

Therefore the question has to be, ‘what messages and what behaviours would create more instant trust’? 

One sales team we worked with dealt with current customers, but had to leave a message on voicemail or with a colleague in about 75% of cases. Call backs hardly ever happened and if they came, it took weeks, in most cases the team had to call 4-5 times to get the conversation with the customer.

We worked with the team to understand what would the customer need to trust us for to return our call. We prioritised one of the 6 hutrust dimensions, then brainstormed what proofpoints we could use to instantly build that trust – even in a 10 second voicemail message, even in a voicemail message that’s translated to a text message.

Based on this work the team recreated their scripts and role played them with each other, further critiquing and refining them. The same afternoon they went back to their work and used them, resulting in getting calls back the same afternoon.

First impressions are there to build trust. That doesn’t take long, it can be built in an instant and will have a huge impact on your success.