Being able to trust is very valuable to our employees, peers and bosses. It saves time, worry and makes those we deal with feel good. Some call it the glue that holds the organisation together, while others describe trust as the lubricant that enables us to achieve more with less friction. We have all had staff that has trusted us a lot and some that haven't. We have all had peers and superiors that trusted us a lot and some that haven't. Surely you have noticed what a huge difference this made in your performance.

Trust is not just a win/win concept. It is a win/win/win concept. The benefit of more trust for employees and the manager is what creates value for the organisation.

Just how critical trust is to your performance is revealed through our and many other’s research. Our research shows that staff that trust highly are far more likely to stay, go the extra mile, support management decisions, advocate for the company and its offer and recommend working there, than those that trust, but at a lower level. 

With changing markets, there is a stronger organisational need to be more flexible. Therefore, transformation and restructures are now an almost constant. The more trust organisations can garner and retain, the more successful they are.

What applies on a macro level also applies to the individual. The more they are trusted leaders, rather than managers, the more their teams will do for them and support their decisions. From top level to line managers, the conscious ability to build and manage trust with their staff, their peers and their superiors (and indeed all stakeholders), the more successful they will be in their jobs and their career.  

That ability to build more trust, even a little more, makes a huge difference to your organisational and individual success.

If I trust my organisation and manager I will...
 A mere 20% trust increase can mean a 400% increase in support from employees.
Trust drives 84% of employee engagement.

Benefits of more Trust:

  • Maximising employee engagement to get more performance.
  • Enabling more successful transformation.
  • Empowering leaders to be more successful.